Friday 5 December 2014

Books Do Furnish A Cell

As well as the usual duties, finding the socks under beds, making sure the remote is working and writing complaining letters to all and sundry there is an opportunity to take.

So I will be busy on my new magma (is that quite right?) opus, "Breaking Out For Dummies" aimed at a special market segment, those unlucky enough to be in gaol.

This follows the decision of Appeal Court judges to the effect that prisoners have a right to receive parcels, notably books, while they are inside.

Does that extend to a right not to have them examined as well?  It is  another example of how Parliament and Government are now subjects of the judiciary and Euro law rather than the people.

If this new project goes well similar titles could follow. It might be possible that such works could change the whole culture and operation of our much loved gaols.  "How to Knit a Rope Ladder Using String From Parcels" could be a winner.

Our prison authorities are far behind the times.  Instead of complaining about the decision, in our new privatised world there are real marketing opportunities there to be taken.

They could in fact cash in on franchising book supply operations and have works written specifically for their customers (formerly prisoners).  In this way they could claw back some of the wages they have to pay them.

Equally, they could build in to the operational targets quotas for escape opportunities, or solutions, and prisoners could bid for them, subject to the full financial arrangements being in place.

Way to go, as they say these days in Strangeways.

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  1. Books on subjects such as hypnotism could be particularly popular.