Thursday 31 October 2013

Politics And Playing Games

It appears from Guido Fawkes that Ed Miliband, our Leader of the Opposition for some strange reason is a fan of the Boston Red Sox baseball team.  They have won the World Series again and now have had a decade of success after a century of just failing.

Having once visited the Fenway Stadium in company with one of their fans I am glad he is happy.  It was a pleasant enough way of spending the time.  It reminded of when Americans played the game on our local park, until 1944 that is.

The publication that the link is to has another story, less populist, which Ed ought to give rather more attention to.  It is by Bruce Schneier and is a long and serious article arguing that there is a battle for power on the internet.

For those of who think that many things in the world have changed with the coming of all the new communications and ways and means of dealing with information and discussion it is a central issue in going into the new world of the 21st Century.

If you do not have the time to read or study it closely at least try a fast skip read to get the sense of it.  Because all our current debates and the fuss about what data should be, who should manage it, how decisions should be made relating to that data and the rest are involved.

From the keyboard here my view is that our existing political class are almost in a vacuum when it comes to the realities of what is happening.  They are detached from, unaware, ignorant of and incapable of dealing with the rate of change.

This situation is not new in human history, it happens all too often.  But it is certain that it is happening now and the reason for the consequences being destructive are not because it is happening but because those who rule cannot and will not understand.  They are too busy doing other things.

Such as persuading the voters they are just ordinary guys because they follow this team or that.

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  1. One thing that must be a concern is how few really big internet players there are. The EU doesn't appear to be well represented either.