Wednesday 9 October 2013

Playing Games Is Serious

After the political rows recently there is a very good case for keeping the family out of it, but they can and do intrude.  Jack Wilshere of Arsenal and England soccer, already reprimanded for being caught out having a quick ciggy on the quiet, has made the headlines again.

This time, on the loose from his media rights adviser he has commented that them that play for England ought to be born in England.  Predictably, the media is full of examples of sports persons who were not yet helped to win the game or get the medal.

The England Rugby Union team has long been a haven, if you can call it that, for those from furthest places, too many to list.  But my favourite is Prince Alexander Obolensky (see Wikipedia) and I have to declare an interest.

Obo, as he was known, played for Tigers, that is Leicester RFC, for a time.  On the team was the husband of a cousin of my fathers who was a good friend and now and again he had a drink or so with some of the Tigers.

There is a story that father, a former butcher cum professional boxer among other things, offered advice on hand off techniques.  So when Obo scored twice to help England beat the New Zealand All Blacks in 1936 did this help?

One can but dream.

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