Friday, 19 July 2013

Oh Ye Of Little Faith

According to sources in the web, the denominations of faith we have had in the past are now being replaced.  These may seem to be satirical but there may be more truth in them than many a holy book.

The first comes from a link in Nicholas Shaxson's "Treasure Islands" blog and relates to finance.  For many of us it is not too difficult to see the present world of money, the economics of money and the mantras on its management as being more like faith than reason especially when the penance becomes due.

The second relates to the National Health Service and its rapid fall from grace.  This is about the general scope of the NHS.  There is one aspect rarely touched on and that is the malign influence of recent employment law and the associated effect of compensation lawyers out for a killing, in this case almost literally.

In the NHS it is almost impossible to get rid of a wrong 'un fast.  Then when they kill or maim people, even without the help of the The Liverpool Pathway because of the legal implications the reaction is one of denial, cover up and lies. 

One friend of mine in special measures in hospital encountered a nurse who decided to clear the ward so she could have an easy night.  That she could almost certainly have killed him was of no concern.  Quite how many she has killed we shall never know.

Perhaps in reality they are all Muggletonians (see Wikipedia).

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