Thursday, 4 July 2013

Watt Shortage? The Peasants Are Revolting!

We were supposed to get unlimited cheap power supplies that would make life easier.  Now there is talk of rationing, which basically means someone is going to suffer, mostly those who can least afford to.  The costs are climbing faster than a major oil leak.

We were all supposed to enjoy the fruits and life and good health with as much good high quality food as we needed at prices we could all afford.  Now rickets and scurvy have returned along with obesity and a range of other problems caused by poor nutrition.

The age of the car and the motorway were supposed to give us all the freedom of the road on the way hand and distribution networks to meet our every need on the other.  Now between the expense, poor road surfaces and overcrowding journeys are a pain,

As for distribution, one effect of just in time mean that shops now keep almost nothing in stock and getting what they advertise or what you want can be an expensive hit or miss business.

The huge expansion in the education system and giving the young extended periods of learning many in universities was going to give us a prosperous, skilled and superior workforce.  Now many of our young are not just unemployed but unemployable and whole sectors of the economy depend on imported labour.

The National Health Service was to give us all hope for our futures and treatment for our illnesses.  Now  if we do go to hospital it is becoming more like a game of Russian roulette.  That is if you can get there because we are now providing an international health service free to all comers.

We were told we were going to live in an open democracy in which we chose our rulers.  We are now ruled by a self selected caste who control the media and the finances to their own advantage.  Just in case there are now secret courts, managed media and privacy for those who can afford the right lawyers.

It was going to be the case where we would be able to choose a great deal of things according to our needs.  But all we get a very limited or no choice dictated by government, some agency or a big corporation with effective lobbying powers.

Satellite television was said to give us a choice of viewing.  But  most of programmes are repeats, tarted up versions of old shows and unwatchable items with low production values.  Almost all have almost as many commercials as content.  Also there are special effects and background sound that make it impossible to understand what is going on.

There are many other things as well and it is not getting any better.

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  1. Hardly a testament to those who are responsible. Mainly the left.