Tuesday 27 November 2012

A Prayer For Europe

The appointment of Mark Carney to be the new Director of the Bank of England allows us to benefit from the wisdom and work of his former employers Goldman Sachs more directly.

The company has been intimately involved in all the latest crises and it is possible to argue that without them they may never have happened and with them they will never be ended.

The company has gone short on the whole shebang and will not lose.  Governments cannot afford them to lose otherwise the whole banking system goes down and this means most of the politicians as well.

Zero Hedge again has a take on this displaying in diagrammatic form lower down this short piece of who from Goldman Sachs is where.  Look at it and wonder.

In a way, they seem to resemble a College of Cardinals for the new cult of financial management in which we are expected to have unquestioning belief.  But they are a lot richer and more powerful than any of the real Cardinals, and less diverse.

However, my view is that our New Europe needs its own Credo to help us in our troubles, so at the risk of being accused on blasphemy, I have provided one.

A Prayer For Europe

I believe in one Europe,
Brussels and the Euro almighty,
Maker of policy and strategy,
Of all things spun and secret.

I believe in one President,
The only one empowered by all,
Created by Goldman Sachs,
From who knows where,

High on higher, laws from laws,
True President from True President,
Invented not made, from an unknown father.

Through him all things are made,
For all persons and all our futures.
He came down from up there,
And by influence was bred by Goldman Sachs,
And got the job.

For our sake he was criticized under Rupert Murdoch,
He suffered sensations and was weakened,
But rose again after a bit,
In accordance with the press releases.

He was given greater powers,
And is seated at the right hand of Goldman Sachs.
He will be reappointed,
With all his salary and expenses,
To get his own back,
And Europe will go on and on and on.

I believe in the cult of financial management, the giver of riches,
Who proceeds from Goldman Sachs and friends,
And all are adored and glorified by all in the name of The President,
Who has spoken through his media advisers.

I believe in one Goldman Sachs,
I confess my liabilities and the forgiveness of debts,
And look forward to unlimited bail outs,
And huge profits for the world we rule.


That’s about it.

The big question is who gets sacrificed?

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  1. "The big question is who gets sacrificed?"

    We do - as ever.