Saturday 30 June 2012

Thought For The Day

In our town to celebrate the Diamond Anniversary of HM The Queen, also Head of the Church of England, a pedestrian area was created to host events and communal activities. 

It is called, astonishingly, Jubilee Square.

Adjacent to it is a disused furniture shop that has been closed a year or two now.  Application has been made to the Council for a change of use more in keeping with the developing needs of the community, as defined in the local council “Vision”.

Consistent with their existing policy the Council have had recommended to them a new tourist friendly centre and most councillors are set to fully welcome the proposal which is in keeping with recent changes.

It is for a lap dancing and strip club.

Mentioning this to my family one remarked that possibly the chief advantage was that the club would not have to change the name of the facility.

When selling furniture it was called “Loader and Payne”.

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