Friday 7 August 2009

We're All Going On A Summer Holiday

With apologies to Alan Sherman:

Hello Gordon, hello Obama, here we are, on Grand Bahama.
Our stock is slipping, our hedge funds dipping,
And our frozen assets have turned to filthy dripping.

We went to Lichtenstein, with all that loot of mine,
All we get there now, the attorneys line,
Is heaps of bills and letters that are full of bitch and whine.

Down in Monaco, we were all ago,
Now every day, it’s all so very slow,
And Casino bouncers say that we are strictly NO!

On the bourses, we lost our horses,
Betting shops, and all race courses,
And the restaurant, we endorses, charges extra, for all the fancy sauces.

All our moveables are owned by China,
Carried there, by ocean liner,
The Dow Jones tells us there is nothing any finer.

We’ve sold our pots, our art in lots,
The villas grand are left to rots,
To make it worse, and send us dots, we have even lost our fleet of ocean yachts.

Away in old Frankfurt, our dollars rank as dirt,
Our motor interests have lost their fancy shirt,
We bought big hotels, now just cheap motels, and all the takings anecdotals.

Hello Mandy, hello Summers, it is all, a lot of bummers,
The company has grabbed my Hummers,
We drive taxis, for a pittance, and all the brokers now a pack of crazy dumbers.

Hello Gordon, hello Obama, it has all, been quite a drama,
Can you be, our financial Lama?
A few more trillions, and bonus billions, would make us all a very great deal calmer.

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