Saturday 22 August 2009

Do Americans Care About British Soldiers?

The heading is taken from the post of August 19th by Michael Yon about the help given to rescue and treat one of our Rifles squaddies.

Click on the “more” button for the full story. It is astonishing. As someone who has done duty at field HQ level in dealing with Army emergencies over half a century ago, I can only wonder at the effort and expertise involved.

Moreover, Angels really do exist, but they are down here and not up there, and very concerned with the practicalities, ladies in America who pull out all the stops.

There is a time when cynicism is irrelevant, and I can only state my admiration and recognition of the services and conduct of all those involved.

Yet there is nothing in the British media, nothing from our government, nothing from any of our politicians to even hint or appreciate what is being done for our injured and our families.
But thanks to Michael Yon, there are some of us that do.


  1. Great post and link, Demetrius.

  2. Yes, bang on.
    Yon is an extraordinary individual, doing more for Anglo/US relations than an army of spin-doctors. Can you believe his embed status has been pulled? Criticism of helicopter-light tactics I suspect. Sometimes I despair- our leaders are just awful people.