Friday 14 August 2009


It is reported that a government minister and his wife, Mr. Jim Fitzpatrick, left a Muslim wedding to which they had been invited because men and women were segregated. During the 1940's in Liverpool I recall, this kind of thing was not unknown on any family occasion. After the necessary had been done, the men used to go off to the local pub where they would exchange fundamentalist views on football, beer, jobs, and the trials of nagging women. The ladies would tour the kitchen and living room supping gin etc. and exchange fundamentalist views on rents, rationing, repairing clothes, and the uselessness of men. The children did what they liked. It seemed to work very well, so long as the happy couple remembered to catch the train to go on their honeymoon.


  1. things seemed so uncomplicated back then.
    what went wrong?

  2. At Muslim weddings (the two I've attended) men and women are separated during the marriage ceremony as well as after. Then the men eat first. I've always left at this point because the men can take hours to eat.