Wednesday 19 August 2009

Property - Investing And Retaining

Listed below are the people that the Labour government have helped to buy their own homes, and second, and third, and other peoples, freeholds of just about all the leaseholds, the property management services of leaseholds, and lots and lots of repossessions. Despite recent difficulties they have been able to rely on the unqualified backing of nationalised and state supported banks

To these should be added their ocean going accommodation, and interests in commercial property, such as hotels, pubs, and indirect holdings in social housing.

Added information on their overall tax commitments is also given.

Drug Barons – zero tax.

Housing benefit fraudsters – zero tax.

Money launderers – near zero tax.

Identity and passport fraudsters – zero tax.

Human traffickers in prostitution – zero tax.

Human traffickers in other forms of slave labour – zero tax.

Financiers in the UK but based in tax havens – near zero tax.

Terrorist support groups – zero tax.

Private Equity operators – near zero tax, with those buying government property paying zero tax.

Private Finance Initiative providers for government– near zero tax.

Prestige project consultants, advisers, and providers – near zero tax.

Agents and others dealing in one legged, broken winded footballers – zero tax.

Various persons dealing in three legged, broken winded horses – zero tax.

Public sector top executives and chairpersons- near zero tax.

Global company, banking, and Quango bosses – near zero tax.

Global arms dealers – zero tax.

Ministers Parliamentarians and associates – tax paid on declared incomes and expenses, of some other sources of income many will pay zero, and others near zero, apart from a small minority with unaccountable moral attitudes.

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