Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Wizard Prang

The first time I flew was an experience I would prefer to forget. The rugby club I played for chartered a DC-3 to take us to Ireland. As the club had on strength some former World War 2 fighter pilots they decided to add excitement to the occasion.

When the package holidays including flights became more popular I preferred to stay grounded, or at sea. A bonus to this was that we avoided airports. Since then the times when modern living has obliged me to use them I tried to make sure that whatever the fickle finger of fate decided I would have a get out or other options.

So when something happens such as the collapse of Monarch airlines etc. those in difficulty have my every sympathy. The Monarch of the Glen, Her Majesty's government, are said to have been aware of the problems for a while now and also that is was not a matter of "if" but "when".

That the Civil Aviation Authority at present seem quick off the mark hints at this. This may not go down well with the electorate, notably the losers, their families and their friends and neighbours. This adds up to a big number with many in now marginal constituencies.

Holidays are now for the media and many people's lives high on the list of "must haves" especially among the parts of the electorate from which the Conservatives draw their votes. To have this vital personal thing not just spoiled but taken away at some cost will mean a lot of angry non-holiday makers.

"Are we happy" might be the cry. "No we something aren't" is the response. As for the young a promise to nationalise and provide free holidays must be imminent from the Left.

But those with more enquiring minds will be looking at the figures and may conclude that the delay in effective action may have been to allow the relevant financial interests to retrieve their money from any investment or liability they may have had. And as quietly and untraceable as possible.

What was it that the old airmen used to sing in the bar after a game? "We thought we were coming in at 500 but, we were 50 feet higher when the engines were cut. And in our left ears the little angels sang, with a float float float float float float float float float prang!"

As for Ms. May and her government this could be a defining political moment, see Longfellow's "The Wreck Of The Hesperus".


  1. "The Wreck Of The Desperate."

  2. Ryanair might have some new pilots coming their way.

  3. "As for the young a promise to nationalise and provide free holidays must be imminent from the Left."

    It may be said in jest today but...