Monday, 16 October 2017

Einstein Was Right

The big news today is that in the science of gravitational waves out there far away space has been warped by the collision of two  neutron stars.

It has taken 130 million news for the news to get here, so the dinosaurs missed out sadly. Also, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles did not carry the story.

Einstein suggested the possibility as this BBC Science News tells us. There is likely a lot more in the science of space, the deep past on earth and in our DNA to be found which reminds us of what a shoddy lot we are on the whole.

In the meantime the man who was to sort my TV out has gone off the radar. He was approaching the black hole of the Blackwall Tunnel in that strange universe called London when they lost trace of him.

Given that so much TV these days is known to be warped already it was only to be expected.

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  1. Do people ever emerge from London? Maybe the M25 is its event horizon.