Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Putting The Boot In

With football under way again for the new season the media is giving coverage to the latest news, scandals and massive money deals that underpin the circus.  In many minds the question is asked, could this be better regulated?

This means international bodies in the world of today and we already have one, FIFA, which has attracted a lot of the wrong kind of attention recently.  If being able to bend the ball is a key skill for a leading player, then bending of another kind has been the speciality of the people at FIFA.

This brief and readable post in "The Political Economy Of Football" gives space to Gerard Clark's article in The Journal Of Civil Society which puts the issue into a broader context. In the picture above of Everton FC in 1891-92, note the man with the top hat. It simply repeats an ancient truth for the followers of football.

Follow the money.

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