Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Throaty Noises Off

We have thumping colds but cannot blame each other as they are in parallel.  So this post is short.  The cartoon at the top is one I liked, but you need to look at it closely and increase the size.

This post is unlikely to go viral but the cold certainly will.  We were at a performance on Saturday with an international audience.  Japanese to the front of us, Europeans to the left and Americans to the right.  The train journeys and others will ensure distribution in the Home Counties and beyond.

We did not think it was a cold at first, just the bad air quality with the damp weather and the running around giving us sniffling and the odd cough.  Now we know better for the worse and it does not help that others will suffer.

There is a rule apparently that we are all only six contacts away from each other.  If it reaches you in the next couple of weeks or so we apologise in advance.  There is not much you can do about it other than to hole up and suffer.

If in fact you have had the cold already and it has now reached us thank you very much mate but we could do without it.  At the moment I am making a wish list of those who deserve it.  All the usual suspects.

The order has come for a dose of honey and lemon.  Then I shall slump into my chair and brood, and brood, and brood.  On the other hand perhaps we shall run the Tony Palmer film on Benjamin Britten, "A Time There Was". 

Just out of interest I ran a check on the Britten's.  A hundred years ago they were in Herefordshire by Leominster, dairy farmers and just along the road from my lot.

It's a small world, which you will find out when the cold reaches you.

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  1. "Then I shall slump into my chair and brood, and brood, and brood."

    I do that anyway, I don't wait for a cold to come along. I took my last cold to Sainsbury's, which is only fair because that's where I found it.

    Honey and lemon are okay, but don't forget the alcohol.