Sunday, 15 January 2012

Labour In Vain

We live in strange times. Clan Cameron has begun yet another feud. One might have thought that in the past they had already feuded with everyone worth feuding with.

Not satisfied with keeping it north of the border he has taken on the Chiltern thousands in buying Chinese technology for the HST2 with umpteen billions of Chinese money to be repaid by the taxpayers for the next century.

Europe is degraded, or down graded depending on your outlook and everyone is holding their breath as to the extent and nature of the financial fallout. This is looking bad.

To add to the interest one satellite channel showed a programme suggesting that Naples could soon be just a thick layer of ash as Vesuvius blows a big one and takes the Italian economy, or what is left of it, with it.

In the USA the needs of returning President Obama to office has just added another trillion or two to the national debt. And it ain’t over yet. Meanwhile the recession continues and the Bank of America is on the block.

Some contrarian has popped up in the oil web sites suggesting that rather then a major hiking of oil prices it is possible that between recession and the potential of fracking techniques the price could be more than halved.

This will be very bad for a lot of economies presently barely in surplus and again impact on Europe and the USA.

In the UK the deficits mount, the economy is sluggish and there do not seem to be any easy answer or any answers for that matter to the gathering problems.

Astonishingly, this knowledge has even penetrated the thinking of the Labour Party who are looking for what sound like policies to present to the people in the event of an implosion of the Coalition and an early General Election.

They are beginning to look for a new image and way of communicating with us lot who wonder what they are up to, other than supporting the latest business enterprises of Blair Corp.

Blair Corp is reported to be going into the business of massage parlours. They are actually supposed to be Health Clinics but you may be sure that the real purpose is to massage the figures to avoid both questions and tax. I suspect that somewhere the taxpayer will be finding the real money.

In all this Ed Miliband and Harriet Harman, pictured above, are hoping to present themselves as going back to a simple form of Labour accepting that what might be will be and setting sail in the barge of state to a new future.

Unluckily, it seems that Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee barge is cancelled for Health and Safety reasons.

Don’t blink, you might miss another crisis.


  1. "buying Chinese technology for the HST2 with umpteen billions of Chinese money"

    And of course the City wishes to be a key player in Chinese currency dealing. Risk? What risk?

  2. Not related to this post, but I would be interested in your take on this

    I would posit that Britain is leading the charge into "the new recession" (TM) and the pending difficulties of shops like Blacks Leisure and Barretts Priceless are signs that no one has money for the fripperies that these store peddle.

  3. The RBS etc. is one being mulled over from a different angle, but this item is one now in the frame, many thanks for the link.