Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Free The Redknapp Two!

Are Buster and Lulu about to be put in the slammer of a Kennels and robbed of their right to live in their own home? These dogs are innocent!

They may have had incidental benefits of an expensive upbringing in a top price home and being taken for walkies on the most expensive bit of seaside real estate in the Kingdom but why should they suffer?

Their owner did nothing wrong, other than choosing a tax option that is currently being showered on all the top earners by the present government. If Vodaphone is innocent according to the Supreme Court of India then so are Buster and Lulu.

What is dismaying is how the memory of a much loved dog, Rosie, otherwise known as Leg Ripper by the neighbours, is being defiled in this spiteful attempt by the police to force egalitarianism on the most libertarian of football managers.

Harry Redknapp was being perfectly frank, honest and reasonable to quote a former Prime Minister, even giving his year of birth to the bank in Monaco to mark Rosie’s personal account.

1947, I remember it well, we froze, we nearly starved, there was no TV, only a maundering BBC radio service urging us to greater sacrifices in between comedy that was rarely funny and light entertainment as stodgy as a spotted dick pudding ruined when the gas supply failed.

Most of us only had either Hollywood films to entertain us, something that British films rarely did, or to go to the local football match.

There we watched chaps who lived up the road in cheap rented housing and who went to the same pubs that we did play for a quid or two more than you could get if you managed overtime on double pay.

It is thanks to the need to cherish and house lovely dogs like Buster and Lulu that have driven their owner to greater things. Who would argue against this?

Just as the need to have high maintenance girl friends and profitable media rights have helped footballers park their fortunes offshore with the help of their friends and others.

Yes, I know government borrowing has gone over £1 Trillion, yes I know there is a bit of a problem with the tax revenues going down faster than a footballers trousers in a lap dance club, but let us stick to British fair play.

Or I’ll set the dogs on you.

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