Wednesday 16 January 2019

High Society

There are academic journals and academic journals.

For those who are obliged to follow them there could be the opinion are more than enough. But sometimes, the question is will this be useful and might it actually do some good?

Here is a new one  from LSE Press which might or might not on the issues arising from the role of certain states whose economies are outside the law for the most part.

The illicit economies, a nice way of describing it, are those where a high proportion of the money flows etc. arise from drug trading and associated activities considered criminal in most places. It could be argued that the LSE is but a short bus ride from the financial hub of one of them.

Here in the UK we have no need to worry. The impending collapse of the Conservative Government over Europe means we may well have a Labour government who will simply nationalise the drugs trade in the name of the nation.

Who could sniff at that?


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