Saturday 26 January 2019

Could You Spare A Euro?

HM has suggested to her Prime Minister and government, apparently, to get their act together over Europe. Well, she would, being Saxe Coburg Gotha Hannoverian married to what one of his former ship mates of my acquaintance referred to as Greek born persons whose legitimacy was in question.

My question, being historical, is which and what Europe? My personal Europe near 70 years ago had a Germany divided up into areas of occupation. It worked quite well, we had much less trouble then.

Then they all went week at the knees and allowed a Federal Republic to emerge. Worse, still, at the same time the bright idea that this lot could be contained was to create a unity of economic states.

It will not last as none of the versions of the Europe of the past has lasted. Mostly, it was massive bloodshed involved in the changes, this time we are trying to do it by straightforward corruption, bribery and theft.

But I should not complain. According to the science I am basically Saxon in origin. We had a nice set up going in the Atlantic Isles until the Vikings arrived, see the picture above. This at the time was the Scandinavian option.

As ever, their main economic policy was to redistribute income and wealth.


  1. At least corruption, bribery and theft should avoid the bloodshed.

  2. How did those armoured fighters of old stop their kit rusting up?
    Total aside, but picture prompted me to ask.

  3. Doonhammer, by constant use. Rust is like moss and rolling stone, don't ye know?

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