Tuesday 3 July 2018

Healthy Puffing

One of the major problems in medicine is determining what is actually wrong with a patient. Our traditional system of going to a doctor, if you can find one, saying what you feel like and where relies on her or him working out what it might be.

If they think it is not serious then probably you will get a prescription for whatever and packed off ten minutes later. If this does not work and your repeated visits became a nuisance you will be sent for Hospital examination. If at first they suspect "serious" you might get there a lot earlier.

What happens next might be determined by how busy they are and whether you are still more or less functioning. It can be very hit and miss. The net result is that weeks, months, or even years down the line the real cause etc. might be determined and dealt with.

According to "The Engineer" we could now avoid a great deal of this coming and going, guesswork, tests that are the wrong kind or not very good or might not identify what is wrong. It also means that the time between detection and treatment is radically shortened which means better survival rates and less handicaps.

If this kind of equipment had been available in the past how many lives would have been changed for the good and how much agony avoided?


  1. Very interesting. As you say, early diagnosis via a device like this should improve survival rates.

  2. "cures' etc for cancer etc come and go. Evidence of actual benefit from this 'device' would be nice

  3. Cats and/or dogs are reported to be able to do something like this.