Tuesday 28 June 2016

More Bad Losers

So the wailing, hair tearing, sackcloth and ashes and the rest begins.  The Icelanders played well and were worth their 2-1 win over England.

It is my fault, I should not have watched the match, it is my theory that I have a curse on the England team, when I watch they lose.

Anyhow, each of those with much in the of Atlantic Isles descent will have Vikings in the ancestral attic from around a thousand or more years ago.

We have had this before with Icelanders, notably in what came to be known as Scotland.  Their battle songs were not a lot of laughs, even a couple of minutes are a long time.

The Viking lady above lived in Jorvik, or York as we know it.  I suspect she was not a neighbour to argue with.


  1. I used to believe like you that if I watched my favourite team play they would lose. I also believe I was cursed but I worked out it was not that it was just I backed crap teams.

  2. Apparently there isn't a McDonald's in Iceland. I'm sure that helps.