Wednesday 1 June 2016

Looking For Money

The current debates on so many areas of policy now are becoming so intense, it is becoming difficult to be moderate.

In the Europe matter both sides claim to be the winners and the other the losers.  It might be a matter of chance.

The most rational illustration I can think of is this four and a half minute clip from the musical "Paint Your Wagon".  The song that begins it is as below.

The concept that striking gold can entail a funeral is very apt.

Gotta dream boy
Gotta song
Paint your wagon
And come along

Where am I goin'?
I don't know
Where am I headin'?
I ain't certain
All I know
Is I am on my way

When will I be there?
I don't know
When will I get there?
I ain't certain
All that I know
Is I am on my way

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