Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Lib Dem's Dance The Goosestep

If in the days of old I went into a pub' and saw Nigel Farage of UKIP in the Smoke Room, I would head for either the Public Bar or the Lounge if the lady was with me. 

On the other hand if Nick (Nack) Clegg, our Deputy PM and Lib Dem Leader, was in the pub' I would be off to another one.

This prejudice, alas, kept me from listening to or watching their political debate, a form of low entertainment I prefer to avoid in any case. 

If some kind of personal contest is required to satisfy the media people and entertain voters, for my money a game of Knur and Spell (or trap ball) on some blasted heath would be much better.

From a superficial look at the morning press the word seems to be that the metropolitan experts and political pundits thought Clegg was right on with the garbage but the plebs, lacking their peculiar insights, felt that Farage's almost amateur approach was preferred.

In order to reclaim ground the metro' elements and Europhiles are shrieking now about Farage's apparent sympathy with President Putin and Russia in The Ukraine Question.  Perhaps they should pause for thought and consider with whom they are aligning.

Wikipedia has a long and sobering item about matters in World War Two dealing with the 14th Waffen SS Division.  In Brussels Herman van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton are siding with this part of history and tradition.  They have provoked a crisis with Russia.

If the Lib Dem's are fervent and determined in their support for Europe and all its works then Farage would seem to on the side of the angels, sinner and smoker that he is.

It is a strange world we are in.

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  1. "a form of low entertainment I prefer to avoid in any case."

    Me too. Point scoring doesn't appeal and Nick Clegg doing it is more than I could stomach..