Monday, 3 March 2014

In My Opinion

There are times when a joke can seem to be other than a joke when we survey how and why things are happening.  This item from The Onion is an uncomfortable truth about human nature and motivation.  You make not like it but it gives pause for thought.

Taken together with the recent Horizon programme on the psychology of decision making the thoughts may not be happy ones.  The programme claimed that research with Rhesus Monkeys demonstrated that we were prone to making the same mistakes that they did.

Our ability to relentlessly make mistakes and wrong choices is said to be a salient feature of all our lives.  When applied to those at the top or at critical points in our ruling classes and societies it is little surprise that so much goes badly wrong.

It is surprising that some things go right.  In a global all connected world all our mistakes begin to impact on each other.  It looks like we are getting better and better at making bigger and bigger mistakes.

SNAFU Rules OK.  Why don't we just leave it to the chimp's?  They may do rather better than we do.


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