Thursday 11 April 2013

Tales Of The Unexpected

When there is an event or series of events that dominate the news over a period of several days what you need to watch out for is what else might be going on.  This might be matters which would be reported normally.  It might be things which at least would get some currency.

It is a time to keep a close eye on government statements or information slipped out during such a period to avoid close attention.  Others include material from companies or organisations that might be unwelcome either for governments or their major backers.

The difficulty is that because this ploy is now so well known it is wise to assume that almost anyone wanting to bury bad news will take advantage of it.  The upshot is that as well as “big stories” dominating the media there will be a flood of other material that deserves attention at the same time.

One very interesting item cropped up in Zero Hedge today that has been picked up by Tax Justice Network amongst others.  It relates to astonishing figures produced by the ECB, European Central Bank, in their All Country Report.

Who is richer than who and who for that matter is poorer is not as we expected it to be. The report; possibly may have appeared earlier but its findings are so surprising as to be explosive in the present situation in the Eurozone.

Deutschland, Deutschland unter alles, it seems.  This seems to agree with the instincts of the man on the Wuppertal Tram who thinks that the Germans have been getting a raw deal.  This will have been compounded by the fact that the new cars of the Tram are to be built in Spain.

It is not a long article and when you have worked out the diagrams you will find that many of your recent assumptions are very wrong.

At the came time and connected there has been a flood of information on tax avoidance and evasion, including the recent Wikileaks release of e-mails that embarrassed President Hollande of France, who is now rushing around denouncing tax havens.

For a “primer” on all this at present you can go to the link below, and start looking around.  If you do then you might be late to bed.  At least you can skip down the listing and that will indicate the extent.

Doubtless there are some dedicated bloggers out there who are giving the government web sites a good going over to see what choice specimens of deceit, evasion, bad news, worse news or terrible news there is.

The trouble is that so often in the past it is so easy to miss or pass over the item which turns out to be a key issue or event.  This may already have happened or be about to happen.

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