Friday 13 July 2012

Stan And Ollympics

Following the extensive reports in the press recently on security issues for the London Olympics (copyright or a visit to Execution Dock) and other matters all I can say is that you saw it here first on Tuesday 12 May 2009.

The document had been written at the end of 2008 but did not raise any interest so shortly after I began blogging it was made use of.

Could someone kindly explain to me how come a single grumpy ancient, who had been around the block a time or two, could see it when all those highly paid people did not?

At least you could laugh at Laurel and Hardy, now one can only weep.


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  2. Love it!

    As for the spotting what's likely to happen just think of the useless paucity of talent post Comprehensive education's (Bliar's words) failed experiment. The present lot of Oxbridge shirt lifters in the Civil Service upper echelons would have been making widgets 50 years ago. More use, too.

  3. You were right. If I happened to live anywhere near an Olympics venue, I'd consider moving away for the duration. Fortunately I don't.

  4. There are times when it's easy to imagine how poor Cassandra felt, burdened with the certain knowledge of disaster and cursed to be ignored by anyone who could possible avert it.