Sunday 22 July 2012

Some Don't Like It Hot

The weather forecasters have been happy hyping it up with the big smiles and telling us “isn’t it all going to be so wonderful?”  Apparently it is about to become very hot.

It might be OK if you could sit out somewhere shady taking it easy with cold drinks and with not much to do, or on holiday in a place you enjoy.

It is not much fun if you have to be rushing about, up against tight deadlines, in a building that does not do air conditioning and any of the rest.

It is even less fun if you have to use the deep London Underground and the services have become erratic or are stalled.  Or stuck in a train where the power system has failed and you are gently roasting in your own fat.

Or worse find yourself with nowhere to go in one of the usual traffic jams anywhere in the motorway system or on the busier roads.

Personally, I burn easily and after the needle hits near or above eighty just have to close down and stay out of the sun.  There are many others, notably amongst the elderly.

In urban surroundings if the heat means little or no wind then the air quality soon deteriorates.  My brain does not like it and my temper suffers.

If I was much younger, perhaps fed up, short of money and on top of this souped up with the wrong kind of liquids I might just go out and start a riot.

1 comment:

  1. Logical. Could be - makes me very apprehensive. I might just make for a very remote place in the Shetlands I know. But lots of history shows very remote places don't always work either. Guess I'll keep on hoping for the best and plod on.