Thursday, 21 September 2017

Give Us A Tune

Is it only a matter of time before the present Conservative Government either collapses or disappears into the fog? If so, what will it be? Some major event? A decision to go to the country that goes badly wrong, even worse than the last time?

What is most likely given the people we have in Parliament, their media associates and the assorted lobbyists, corporations, financial services operators and secret backers, is that it will begin and nobody will realise what it is.

Given the international situation, the rapid change in the shape of the economy, the stress in financial systems and that the government are now involved in almost every aspect of life, if not by its own choice then by international or Euro organisations, it could start anywhere and anyhow.

While we are all looking at the Foreign Secretary doing his raging bull act on his bicycle and other senior ministers chipping and fiddling with policy, legislation and a tsunami of statutory instruments we might try to look at what else there is.

We will not see it, because it will be something that is beyond us, in which we are not interested and its handling may be restricted to a handful of people who may not want to be involved, do not understand the implications and just want to be shot of a nuisance item in the in tray.

Something trivial, some minor spat between cabinet ministers, one of yet another civil service blunders or misreading of a situation that do not seem important are the obvious ones. Perhaps a leading figure makes a call and then realises his cards are not good enough and so in their haste to avoid trouble crashes in the whole circus.

Cue "Send in the clowns", the song from Sondheim's "A Little Night Music", see Youtube and Judy Dench, is perhaps the right song to sing. We were there for that one and saw a performance at The National as well. It seems right.

How does it go about the clowns, "they are already here"?


  1. The clowns have been with us for some time. Unfortunately we voted for them.

  2. We see Send in the Clowns the whole time. No need for dress circle.