Saturday, 26 March 2016

O Ye Of Little Faith

The top picture above is of teachers, allegedly, demonstrating about education policy etc. 

They are an untidy bunch and one placard suggests a naughty word, you at the back there, giggle with the rest.

The building behind them is Westminster Cathedral, the Roman Catholic chief place of devotion in England. 

One Catholic prelate who is buried there is Cardinal William Godfrey, 1889-1963, see Wikipedia, a man of great learning and wisdom.

One of the other two pictures is of William as a schoolboy in the Senior Class at the Elementary School in Liverpool he attended before going on to the seminary. 

He is on the second row up and third from the right, the tallest of the boys on that row.  His class teacher, who taught him basic Latin, is the one standing, the Headmaster is seated.

The other is the census return of 1901 for William, clearly of humble origins.

What I wonder does this say about the teachers of that period?

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