Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Making Space

The issues and problems arising from Frau Merkel's invitation to a few million from other places to join her in allowing Germany to be the socialist model for Europe and other places is arousing strong feelings.

There may be a way out for her which would fit in with her ideas about what a nation should be and for whom and for what Europe ought to be if her vision of Germany can prevail.

The answer could well be in the revival of this 1930 plan seen on the flashbak dot com web site.  All The Fourth Reich needs to do is borrow or create a lot of money, twist the arms of the neigbours and tell the UK it will increase GDP and the financial sector and bobs your uncle.

It would take a year or two, but the labour needed is already on its way along with those already arrived.

Imagine, you could ride a bike from Berlin to Barnsley without getting your feet wet.

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