Saturday, 30 January 2010

Haiti - The Future And Energy Supply

Returning to Haiti and its future again. In the web site theoildrum dot com on 30 January, Gail The Actuary posted a 2300 word analysis titled “Haiti’s Energy Problems”. Given the critical nature of energy supply and use to any economy that is “modern” and has a degree of prosperity the information makes it clear that not only is Haiti already poor and deprived, the future looks perilous.

At present the estimate is that total per capita energy consumption is around 1/22 of the world average, perhaps 1/100 of that of the USA, 1/22 as much of China, and 1/17 that of India. The chances of finding local sources are limited and the capital requirements of creating an infrastructure look beyond even an optimistic view of the Haitian economy of the future.

The implications are serious, but Haiti is not alone in that has major issues relating to energy, and the article lists some other states possibly with similar situations. In the meantime as an article further down on 28 January on the Nord Stream pipe line suggests, in Europe we are becoming more dependent on Russia.

And as in Haiti any considerations about the environment will have to be subordinate to short term economic needs.

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