Friday, 20 February 2009

Vroom, Vroom, Screech, Clunk.

Extract from an interview between Demetrius and a Minister of the Crown while waiting for a bus.

D. Right then, lad, what's up with t' car industry?

M. The industry is undergoing a period of review and reconfiguration to meet the challenges of the future and to take advantage of the upturn, next month or perhaps a little later.

D. Oh aye, you mean you're in trouble again?

M. Far from it, we are satisfied that there are many opportunities and the Governent will take a close interest in stimulating progress.

D. Been there, done that lad, back in the 1970's. Nationalisation didn't work.

M. We have moved on from then to a new template, we now have major global companies closely involved in the future of the industry, and we look forward to continued momentum.

D. You mean you sold out. Helped by all the investment banks and the rest.

M. It represented major expansion for the important finance sector in promoting economic growth. They are critical to economic growth and they played a major part in the industrial structural reforms.

D. So who were the banks concerned then?

M. (The bus has arrived, and the Minister is elbowing his way past the children, pensioners, and disabled to be first on, and throws his answer over his shoulder.) The ones we have just nationalised.

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