Wednesday 21 February 2018

Waist Matter

In the matter of food and drink I am a self appointed expert. This is because I have consumed so much for so long that it might be opinion but there is a very large sample of meals to draw on.

This one deals with sugar and is from Science Daily and titled "Researchers Challenge Claims That Sugar Shifted Blame To Fat" related to the squabbling about responsibility for the weight problems of humanity.

It is a common place that a high proportion of the population is carrying more weight than we did in the past. Look about you and consider also that few people walk anywhere and spend more time sitting down.

Humanity, as ever, when faced with something not quite right is quick to find somebody or something to blame and often a lack of reason is involved. At one stage we were blaming fats in the diet and it seems that sugar may be the big one.

Along with this came the idea that the makers of sugar products somehow conspired to blame the fats because they knew all the time it was sugar. Historians who have investigated find that this is not the case. I am not surprised.

I have had a taste for sugar ever since I can remember. My many dentists will confirm this. Because of rationing and price there was not much to be had in my early years. But when supply increased and prices were less then my demand was there.

Breakfast cereals, three spoons of sugar in the mug of tea, afters for all meals and occasional treats and snacks in between. I toured the chocolate factories of the land, was loyal to old products and avid to try the new. Inevitably, it all had to end.

I was not alone and seem to have been at one with the huddled masses all at it in the same way. We all liked the stuff, wanted it and thought it good for us and nobody said any different.

We were supported by the marketing men who told us it gave the energy for the day and comfort to allow us to sleep. A Mars bar a day etc. see the advert's on youtube. As for fats, if you ate a lot of fat you got fat, obvious wasn't it?

Anyone for rhubarb?


  1. "Anyone for rhubarb?"
    Oh, yes; as long as it comes with a bag of sugar to dip it in!

  2. Please remove my Copyright photo of the Sugar Boy Sweet Shop. You have not paid or had permission to use it.