Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Strike Up The Band

With the agreements and involvement with Turkey, quite simply it means that now the European Union is no longer European, it is something else.  The move to the East into what were parts of the Soviet and earlier Tsarist Empires pushed out the margins.  Taking on Turkey is going beyond.

Have any of those involved in Europe and the UK ever read or studied anything in history about the Ottoman Empire of old, it's reach, it's purpose, it's ambitions and it's endless greed for power and authority over other people?  This Empire was taken apart in 1919 and new entities created that are now failing in turn.

For a time Turkey was the part that was left after it's disintegration.  A century further on it is getting back into business and it means it.  Also, it does not operate in the same way that other states in Europe like to think is right.  Beyond Turkey it raises questions about the states of the North African littoral and Egypt as well as others in the Middle East.

The result is that we are facing a new Union, of a different kind, where it is likely that this new member, big and centralised, will have more authority than any other recent arrivals and most long standing members.  The ambition of Brussels to build a bigger Empire to overcome the problems of the existing one may mean that they have found a new master.

With Turkey now given entry to Europe this will be a powerful incentive for any in the areas connected to the Ottoman's in the past to renew their links now to Ankara in order to take advantage of this "back door", which may become the open gateway.  It may take time and it will not be easy but it is possible.  My guess is that for the Turks they see it as probable.

Perhaps the leaders in the present EU have addled notions that bringing in Turkey will help us exert some sort of control over those from North Africa, the Middle East etc. who are already here and establishing major communities.  It is not likely, it does not work that way and never has.

When Brussels takes over the UK Armed Forces, which may well be part of a Government future big deal for a mess of Euro pottage we will need to find bands for our ceremonial occasions, such as Trooping The Colour etc.

I am sure the Turks will be happy to oblige.


  1. "Perhaps the leaders in the present EU have addled notions..."

    They have many addled notions because they don't do their homework, not even the basics. It's all fads and fashions and the latest chatter from the latest jamboree.

  2. Thank you. Unfortunately, history is not taught in any depth properly in schools today. Moreover a female grandchild is planning a trip next year to 'help them all' (not if I can deter it).