Thursday, 17 March 2016

Pass The Shovel

Today is St. Patrick's Day which usually means some comment.  It is all out there if you are interested.  Around fifty odd years ago The Dubliners issued a long playing vinyl record with a good selection of songs.

This is one I particularly enjoyed about Paddy on the railway.  A reason for this is that one of four great grandfathers was Irish and a working man.

It is only very recently from digitised archive records that I found that he was in the boiler room when the Inman Line "City of Berlin", see above, took the Blue Riband of the Atlantic.

He was not the only great grandfather in the boiler room of ships, because my Scottish one, a Greenock man from The Clyde, was at work parallel to the Irish one.

It might explain a lot.

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  1. "one of four great grandfathers was Irish"

    Same here.