Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Times They Are A'changing

Things change and can change fast.  If anything the pace, nature and extent of change has been on the increase and is not letting up.  There are those who promote and seek change, often because they see benefit from them.  Others put up with it and many others resent it.

We were made aware that on the Left there are those who believe in and want "creative destruction" in society and the economy because of theories that this can only be for the better, at least for those doing the creating.  What is manifest among these is a lack of awareness or understanding of the unintended consequences and they pretend certainty where there is none.

For others there are those again who look out for it, some of whom want it, others accepting that it is a necessary condition of human life that things cannot stay the same.  But changes can be big or small with the kick that a lot of small ones can make a big one.

Inevitably, now many corporations and businesses have got into the change business if only to attempt survival or to be in the position of controlling change for their own purposes.  There seems to be a new way of looking at this.

This article on the subject  from Project Syndicate under the title of "Creative Self-Disruption" is not long but heavy in the wordage at points.

One brief quote says:

Finally, the micro-level forces that have the potential to drive segment-wide transformations should be internalized at every level of the company.


Or briefly it can be the little things that turn out to mean a lot in the way the business or a particular market works.  At the moment we are being told by our prospective rulers that they will allow us to stay the same and have what we have but their governments will change all those things which certain interests want to be changed.

One way or another it will not cost most of us anything and we will all be a lot better off because either the rich will pay or we will all be so rich we will not notice the taxes or something like that. Governments are now looking to borrow huge sums of money on the premise that people will get back much less than they lend.

Circles will be squared and for those who do not want squares then ovals or oblongs will be provided by the government.

What was all that about mens sana in corpore sano?

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  1. From your link :-
    "Banks are also adapting, but much more slowly and hesitantly."

    Too true.