Saturday, 18 April 2015

Promise Of The Day Eight Lux Lumine

Energy and its implications and complications seems to have gone back down the queue for attention and interest as the Bedlam Syndrome sweeps our politics.

We have been promised that the lights will be kept on.  To do this needs electricity and that needs power, lots and lots of it, especially with a rising population who demand more and more.

In the muddle of ideas, all costly and mostly inadequate to the task, see tidal booms in the Bristol Channel, wind farms for every bit of farm land and other wheezes there has been the nuclear option as a key part.

Our wise and expert government has done what it always does these days, goes for advice to people you would not trust to do your shopping, in this case the French.

The Independent today tells the story that has been around the web for a little time now and that is the new build French nuclear reactors are not only way behind time, they are way behind specification and may never work at all.

As we are to rely on Chinese money to build them; heaven forbid we could find our own; if they say not this will mean a very large hole in the accounts.

Which brings us back to oil and the situation developing is very complicated, there are many uncertainties and the overall issues barely understood in politics and government.

The Our Finite World blog is one place to pick up some clues although what exactly we should be doing and at what cost is far from clear at present.

My advice is to stock up on candles, buy wax now while they are cheap.  Those forced to use tallow candles in the future will find them smelly and unreliable.

Also pile up the timber so you can have hot food occasionally as a special treat.

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