Thursday, 4 September 2014

Shopping Blues

Apparently there is now so much fiddling the food by makers and retailers and the rest that a lot of what we might buy is not what we think it is or ought to be.

Inevitably, the government has declared war on "food crime" and threatens those responsible with the full power of the state and dire consequences.

In the meantime those who have been burgled or battered are being invited to conduct their own crime investigations.  If this allowed me to be judge, jury and wielder of a cat o' nine tails it might be worth it.

There is nothing new in food adulteration or the like as the poem says in the link, "The Song Against Grocers" by GK Chesterton.   It has just moved on, become more rampant, and now has the full weight of modern marketing behind it as well as the power of science.

Of course, the old fashioned grocers are all long gone.  Now we are lucky enough to have the supermarkets.

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  1. One problem with supermarket food is that although the labels are quite informative, people just don't read them.

    I also have a suspicion that as food prices rise, quality is going in the other direction as supermarkets try to keep hold of their market share.