Friday, 5 September 2014

Carbon Copy

The debate on global warming, cooling, where, what and how is one that is difficult and excites strong differences of beliefs and feelings.

History tells us that climate, weather and a lot else will change but which way the ancient gods of time will jump is always a guessing game.  They are willful, deceitful and unreliable.

This link tells you why from Euan Mearns blog and is by Roger Andrews .  He is expert and those commenting are expert.  Make of the piece and comments what you will.

What was learned is that if people like this find it complicated and open to debate why are our politicians and government departments so certain?

If it was just a minor issue of incidental interest compared to grand policy and major decisions on the flows of state spending and organisation of the economy, it would be one thing.

But it is cited as being the critical factor in decision making about all our futures, economic and personal.

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  1. The residence time of CO2 in the atmosphere is both a major weakness of climate orthodoxy and a major area of uncertainty.

    It would probably be a killer argument if more journalists were a) honest and b) took the time to understand it.