Saturday 30 March 2013

Something Different For Easter

As it is Easter there is not a lot of time, only a search for something nice for the season of flowers, spring and the return of summer.  Meanwhile the heating is full on and the snow flakes are coming down.

This is one picked up from Smithsonian dot com, the web site of the august Smithsomian Institution of learning in the USA, hat tip to “Archeologica”. 

Under the headings of “Past Imperfect” and “The Vengeance of Ivar The Boneless” it discusses the question of the ritual of the Blood Eagle, alleged to be a regular feature of Viking celebrations.

As well as dealing with this gruesome practice it is a longish item, academic and a useful survey of the history of the Viking period and the differing schools of thought about what sort of people they were and how they occupied their time.

If it is thought that these actions and motives might apply only to the distant past, the second comment argues “Let’s try it on Congress.  They’re certainly available and eminently expendable.”

I like the word “eminently” this context.

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