Monday, 18 March 2013

News And No News

With Nike footing Manchester United’s finances and apparently Qatar wrapping up control of Marks and Spencer’s and the new High Speed Train 2 project being built by foreigners for foreign finance and of foreign control, with alas British taxpayers, those that cannot escape, paying for it, the colonisation of England continues.

In the meantime the great question is who will determine how we get to know which celebrity or other famous person has trouble keeping their primeval instincts in check, who is fiddling the books, who is defrauding who, where the good and great keep their money, taken from us, and how and who is actually in control of our system of government.

The markets are not happy at the moment with it all going South in shades of red.  The cause is Cyprus in hock to the EU, over bought, over borrowed and over the debt limits.  All we need is for Zeus to be in a bad mood again and decide that it is high time that the Santorini Caldera had another airing. 

The last one was in the Bronze Age and did for several ancient civilisations.  In our time with all the advantages of globalisation and immediate connections we could go back to The Stone Age very quickly.  In that case all the present news is no news.  Life would become much simpler and for around 98% of us much shorter.

It may be just one of those temporary phases that come round or right themselves or that some group of great powers manage to contain.  But there has been five years of this and then some time building up to it.  My whinging began in 2005 based on long standing doubts.

This roughly covers the same sort of time span that the diplomatic problems of the first decade needed to culminate in World War One.  Also, it covers a similar time span to the one between the Weimar Hyperinflation of 1923 and then to collapse of the Credit Anstalt in Vienna, the fuse that blew the 1931 collapse.

For entirely personal and selfish reasons it would be better to do without another bad crash, much as one enjoys a good shadenfreude now and again.  A marginal triple dip recession may not mean too much other than political embarrassment. 

As a great deal of our “growth” recently has been digital figures being passed around the computers of financial back offices some peoples output figures may go down but the real economy might continue or indeed be improved.  Probably, we might all eventually benefit from the reduction in digital numbers.

The trouble is all those international bodies and agencies whose existence is largely predicated in terms of digital money, information and effort.  By one of those sad turns of events these are ones particularly involved in our systems of government.  The centralisation of this and its capture, regulatory and personal means we have a peculiarly detached and special form of elite.

This has happened before in human history, one example of a detached governance ruled by mysterious persons owing their beliefs to strange and other worldly gods was that of the Minoans.  Their civilisation; based on bulls (or were they really aurochs?) and their worship came to a bad end when Santorini last went up.

Just as our recent bull market may crash if matters in the Eastern Mediterranean cannot be resolved and the fall out puts Europe into an Economic Winter.

Anyone for bull leaping?

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