Friday 8 February 2013

Will You Be My Valentine Subject To Conditions

The following advice has been received for Valentine’s Day, which is necessary for a number of people for whom the issues are very real:


Have the right reaction to romance this Valentine's Day.

As February 14th approaches, love is in the air.  Do you have a day planned full of romantic gifts and activities? Maybe flowers, chocolates, a candle lit dinner, stolen kisses and embraces? 

For severe allergy sufferers, these innocuous little treats can lead to a serious allergic reaction and a not so romantic trip in an ambulance to the nearest hospital.

To ensure cupid’s arrow hits the right spot on Valentine’s Day, please be aware of these potential risks:

Meals out.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) recently released an alert following several recent cases of severe and fatal allergic reactions.  Always make sure you make your allergies known to the manager of the restaurant.

Takeaway meals.

There have been a number of fatalities recently following consumption of takeaway meals.


These can pose a real risk to people with latex and also milk allergies.


Nut and milk risk and possibly soya.


Some individuals may be allergic to pollen commonly found in trees, grasses and weeds, but also flowers. In individuals with allergy and asthma, inhalation of pollen can trigger asthma symptoms and could bring on an attack.

Not having your adrenaline auto-injector to hand.

Our Youth survey revealed that only 66% of respondents reported always carrying their adrenaline auto-injectors. Always ensure you carry your medication with you, at all times, no excuses.


If you have a nut allergy it can be dangerous to kiss someone who has recently consumed nuts - always ask!

Close relationships. 

We advise allergy sufferers to always let their partner know their allergies in advance and equally to ask if your partner has any allergies.

Posters highlighting the risks associated with Valentine's Day are available on our website and will be shared on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Keep an eye out!


Have a nice day.

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