Friday 21 December 2012

Twelve Days Of Christmas As Amended

As of soon, other things have to be done, so posting is light over the next few days.  I am only obeying orders.

But as everyone else is doing a seasonal thing, just for a change so will this blog, see below:

Twelve Days Of Christmas.

On The Twelfth Day of Christmas my analyst sent to me.

One fiscal cliff.
Two declining dollars.
Three plunging pounds.
Four hopeless hackers.
Five media moguls.
Six bolshie bloggers.
Seven excessive editors.
Eight paltry politicians.
Nine naughty peers.
Ten useless euro’s.
Eleven looney lawyers.
Twelve bankrupt banks.

And of all the crooks that are in the world the EU bears the crown.

Lastly, a thought on charity.

Welcome a drone into your home this year at Christmas.


  1. "Eight paltry politicians."

    Seems rather low - Christmas charity I suppose!