Saturday, 2 July 2011

Monetary Matters - The Sequel

From the latest reports it appears that the arrest, remand and bailing of Dominique Strauss-Kahn in New York may not result in a court appearance due to information that has come to light recently. This has yet to be confirmed.

There was a lot of fuss at the time and this has continued. Amongst this was a strong presumption by many people about DSK’s potential fate.

Those who coughed, sniffed and wondered were a small minority. On Wednesday, 18th May I posted the following:


The business of the Head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, or DSK is keeping many people busy, not least Gordon Brown’s sidekicks.

Given the track record of Gordon’s little friends it is no surprise that all sorts of stories are circulating around the media about DSK.

DSK is currently held on remand at Rikers Island in New York, its main penitentiary which has a lurid reputation. Remand does not presume guilt.

He is there because the court in which he first appeared took the view that he might do a bunk and was held to ensure his appearance to answer any allegations.

Nor does doing a bunk presume guilt either. The UK welcomes many people who have done a bunk from the home countries because they might face arrest for something we disagree with or have to spend a long time awaiting trial or indeed be faced by a court that is hostile to them.

In the meantime DSK has exercised his right to be represented by lawyers. If the reports are correct these are experts for whom many in their trade have a great deal of respect for their abilities in defending people on trial.

How things will go in court is not known nor can we estimate what the jury might make of it nor what guidance or views the judge may hold as the case proceeds.

As someone who was one of the very few who backed Featherstone Rovers to beat Hull in 1983 I am aware that a majority general received opinion may not be the best guide.

What happens, I ask, if DSK is found not guilty?


Just what has been going on?

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