Sunday, 24 July 2011

Goodbye To All That

Because of events, principally the dreadful tragedy in Norway as well as our own issues and the Euro other matters have had less attention in the UK.

One that has been sidelined has been the seemingly interminable cat fights in Congress in Washington DC over the debt ceiling and expenditure commitments.

It would take a very long post to describe how the government of the USA has arrived at this stage and what is involved. It has been developing now for some time as the US House of Representatives and Senate has lurched from one muddled set of compromises to another.

They have given away control of the US Government to the money men. Once we had three powers, the Judiciary, the Legislature and the Administration. Now we have a fourth, the Financial and this has taken control.

The taxes, the revenues, the shape of the economy and the laws and regulation that govern it all will be determined by the Financial. War and Peace will be subject to whatever the Financial will determine.

Goodbye The Constitution, goodbye Democracy, goodbye America.

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