Monday, 9 May 2011

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

It is bad enough to see uncomfortable information and figures, especially when they relate to so much of your life and the modern economy. What is even more worrying is when you know the information and figures you are going to need to make critical decisions are not going to be available.

There are cuts and cuts but when they can lead to worse trouble in the future if you do not know what you are doing then it can all become very difficult. The Oil Drum site is one of the few that do attempt to allow a real discussion.

It does not like the closure of an agency of the USA that studies the supply and demand for oil and related products.

Given the present instability around the commodity markets, in part about differences of perception about future supply and demand and in part because the loose money has to go somewhere, then the more and better information we have on real trends and from reliable sources the better.

To add to the issues about oil there are also the food commodity markets that need some clear information gathering and sensible analysis. This story below on the risk of drought impact on European wheat supplies is an example of an impending problem that might happen and we need to know about.

Given the UK has little or no functioning government machinery capable of working out what next or why in almost any sector of its activities the risks of us being hit hard by something expected but not seen or discussed are high.

The trouble is that we few, we unhappy few that do try to look beyond next week and scratch around looking for reliable information are regarded as trouble making types who just want to spoil the party.

What scares me is how much that can go wrong and how little we know about any of it.

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