Saturday 26 September 2009

The Special Relationship Has Changed

Rooting around the net I came across this in The Burning Platform dot com, flagged as a daily dose of reality by Jim Quinn. It is very much a Stateside blog, but this one says as much about us as about them. As for the G20, is anyone outside the media taking it seriously? Watch the rates of interest.

Can a Constitutional Convention Fix This?

To the People of the United States:

The republican system of government as defined in our Constitution has failed to secure for ourselves and our posterity the blessings of Liberty.

Our wealth and property are wasted, our lives regulated in minute detail, and a swarm of taxes are levied on every Thing in a myriad of unjust, unequal and opaque ways that prey upon the honest and industrious part of the community, eat up their substance, and license the unproductive to riot on the spoils of the country. Even the very substance of the exhalation of our breath has been Decreed a pollutant to be taxed and traded to enrich the politically well-connected.

The limits imposed by election to defined terms of office have been rendered illusory by an entrenched two-party system certain of its re-election in the face of record disapproval by the public of its governance. The structural faults in the Constitution regarding Federalism, retention of Powers by the States and the People, the Separation of Powers, and the Co-equal status of the three branches are laid open.

Congress routinely passes Law filled with Doublespeak and unread by its Members, Law to which it exempts itself, and Law designed to apply unequally, perniciously rewarding certain groups and penalizing others. Officers of Government trumpet ever more loudly that “We live by the Rule of Law” while declining to enforce laws enacted to secure our borders, prevent manipulation of markets, and provide honest accounting of public finances.

Increasingly, by executive, judicial and bureaucratic Fiat, Officers have contemptuously brushed aside any law deemed inconvenient to the exigencies of the moment: settled law regulating corporate governance, bankruptcy, the rights of creditors, laws regulating Elections, and State laws previously held to be outside the purview of the central government since adoption of this Constitution.

We are now a nation ruled by men, not by the plain words of Law or Constitution as understood by the common citizen. These men are unconnected to the people. We are ruled to an intolerable degree by a Twinned Tyranny of Judges and Bureaucrats. Government by Decree of unelected and unresponsive Men In Black and Men In Gray has largely replaced Government by open debate with duly Read and passed Law.

Local and State governments, which were to have retained most of the Powers of Government, dance to the tune of Federal Government Largesse and depend increasingly for their sustenance upon compliance with Federal mandates in order to receive Federal funds.

Established Law is flouted and improperly changed with the connivance and sometimes outright blessing of the Judiciary, who themselves often originate the changes. The Judiciary arrogated to itself the power of judicial review although the Constitutional Convention expressly rejected giving it such power, and usurps Executive and Legislative powers by making Policy and Law by Decree.

The administration of Law has become the province of Bureaucracies with de facto power to issue Rules and Findings that carry the force of Law. For more than a century the Executive issues Executive Orders and Findings that likewise usurp the Legislative Power, and Courts uphold the notion that these carry the force of Law.

The Legislature passes Laws from which it exempts itself and other Members of Government but require adherence by the States and the People. They pass Laws that clearly abridge the right of the people to speak freely especially upon matters political, to freely, publicly exercise religion, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and Laws that extend into every facet of life in this nation notwithstanding the restrictions upon Federal government clearly expressed in the 10th Amendment. All of these Acts occur with the connivance of the Executive and the Judiciary.

The Constitution as written is being followed. The Court, as the Constitution intended, is the Supreme and Final arbiter of Law. When the trust of the People that their government will abide by the plain words and restrictions imposed on government becomes merely hope, and hinges upon the character of one or a few Judges, we are by definition in the grip of the Tyranny of the Few.

The meaning of words is held to no longer be plain, but to change with the whim of the Judiciary who have provided a major source of the assault on language. The use of Doublespeak by government increases at exponential rates, and is heavily promoted by a largely compliant and conniving Press, while the few dissenting portions of the Press are threatened with fines, dilution and diminution in the name of “diversity,” and other means of suppression.

All branches of government - the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary, extra-constitutional Bureaucracies and presidential Czars - flout the plain words and meaning of the Constitution. Congress unconstitutionally delegates authorities to unelected and unanswerable bureaucracies. General ignorance prevails in the population of the history and philosophical underpinnings of its own heritage and how much of its liberties are already abridged or altogether lost.

Can the structure be improved so that repair is effective and lasting? The question lies before us, but perhaps not for long. Strict new Amendments at least, possibly a new Constitution, are required or this American Experiment in Liberty, self-government and Limited general government will peacefully, utterly perish from this land.

In the next Letter, A Desirable Bill of Rights, wording for requisite changes will be submitted. Locke.

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