Wednesday 11 May 2016

A Cloud Over The Future

If we do not understand how change has happened in the past, or take a partial or limited view of it, we may be no better at working out recent developments.

When it comes to the future, therefore, we could all be failing to see or badly in error as to what could or will happen.

This article about a future  comes from The Engineer and deals with cloud based design and innovation in automation and aerospace.  It is a something few of us are familiar with and can even grasp.  Try explaining the implications to the average journalist or politician.


“Something is happening. You can take every single industry sub-segment. This phenomenon is happening, which means a new level of performability for newcomers to become world players with very small numbers of people.

“These new teams are creating things never seen before. They are turning things upside down. It’s not the extrapolation of what happened in the past… it’s something very different.”


One feature that is striking is how few people can now do so much so quickly.  This kind of design and engineering work at one time would have involved office blocks filled with people, specialist managers and a number of layers in the organisation.

On a personal level, doing things at home, there are times when I realise that I have dealt with something in minutes that once might have taken hours or days.

Must go, am waiting on deliveries, it is a pity all those shops have gone.


  1. Interesting article. Whenever I read this kind of thing I enjoy the optimism and sense of adventure but a cynic at the back of my mind wonders how much of it is hype.

  2. The future is a plethora of devices that are profitably complex and which the 'aging population' can't/won't use.
    the assorted rulers of the world - e.g. google and large banks change the rules every so often to the bafflement and cost of the h0i poloi.
    Not to worry =the power to serve these devises with become exorbitant and intermittent.