Sunday, 15 March 2015

Who Am I And Who Are You?

This blog sometimes strays into deep antiquity and human origins usually in the field of DNA, genetics study and its implications.  The aim is often to argue that the past and present are both places that are a lot more complicated than we think.

Moreover, humanity likes to think that at the particular moment we more or less know if not all then at least most of it and can be certain about many things, including ourselves.

This choice article  in Science Daily suggests we are not quite what we have assumed to be and might explain something about some things but we do not know what and how it might affect our systems and major functions.

The well I never, what a laugh, aspect of this is that in the past the elements of bacteria in the samples studied for DNA were excluded or wiped because they were classed as contaminants.

So am I cabbage, cauliflower or carrot?

The worm turns.


  1. From your link we have a clue as to where politicians came from. It's a big genetic step but the clues are there :-

    "HGT is thought to play an important role in the evolution of some animals, including nematode worms"

  2. it seems that horizontal gene transfer might be an important part of what gurdjieff called "the cosmic harmonious Iraniranumange or ‘exchange of substances,’ maintaining the existence of everything existing in the Megalocosmos as one whole"

    once a cousin of mine was doing genealogical research at the nova scotia archives, and was told "we're all related, even the chinese"

    perhaps this should be enlarged to "even the chinese cabbages"