Thursday 19 June 2014

No Pain No Gain

The endless debate goes on about whether to legalise drugs presently banned or not, and if banning what to ban.

It depends on how you measure it all and the conclusions you come to.

Perhaps painkillers should be banned on the basis of this research and information gathering from around the world.

The link is not very long and easy to read.  Almost as easy as taking a couple of painkillers for that ache or pain.

The interesting implication is that the medical profession is killing more than the drug dealers.


  1. That certainly is an interesting implication.

  2. I would maim anybody stopping my wife getting her pain killers. Wait till you are near eighty years old and be so glib.

    1. Alas I am of that age range and have anaphylaxis arising from chemical reactions as well arising from medications.